Trade2Save Launches iCare Campaign for a conflict free iPhone




Today, Trade2Save launched a new campaign to pressure Cell Phone manufacturers to stop sourcing their raw materials from conflict in areas such as the Congo, where over 6 million people have been killed as a result of mining rights within the country since 2008. The campaign also highlights the misery of working conditions within the manufacturing plants in China where suicides are now so common that suicide nets have been installed around the perimeters of the factory roofs. Workers were also forced to sign a legally binding document guaranteeing that they and their descendants will not sue as a result of unexpected death, self-injury, or suicide.

Trade2Save created this first of several campaign videos on YouTube, highlighting the problem.


This campaign follows in the footsteps of a number of other campaigns that have attempted to shed light on third world mining and Chinese manufacturing. But because these campaigns have had little dent on corporate profits, these campaigns have generally fallen upon deaf ears.



Trade2Save makes its money primarily on buying and then selling used Cell phones. Chris Whittome, CEO and founder of Trade2save “The only way that we are going to influence cell phone manufacturers like Apple to make conflict free Cell Phones is by changing our buying habits. We need to increase the market for used cell phones. If everyone who no longer used their old cell phones re-sold them to companies like Trade2Save, who then sold them on to new customers with a warranty, the demand for new ones would significantly decrease. If you chose to buy a used cell phone instead of a new one, you reduce the demand for new ones, and more used ones on the market means that the value of used cell phones would fall, making them even more attractive to second bite users…. it is only direct consumer action like this which will influence the manufacturers into improving the welfare of the people who mine and produce the products that account for billions of dollars in profit for them…”

Trade2Save intends to present their video to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple once their video reaches a significant amount of likes and views.

“Apple are very conscious about their public image, and this kind of public pressure could result in tens of thousands of lives being saved”





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