Typical Smartphone Problems


Smartphones are amazing pieces of equipment. In a practical sense, they are tools that make our lives better by providing us with the necessary mediums to become more productive and more connected with the people we love. They also give us great entertainment experiences and all from an object of the size of our palm. But there are problems associated with these cell phones, problems people face whenever they want to buy a smartphone or try to use one. Although it comes with a lot of amazing features, there is a price to be paid, and not just with money but with other things that will be discussed further.




We all probably know by now that smartphones are expensive gadgets. If you don’t mind signing a two years contract you can get yourself a BlackBerry Curve for around $50 or an iPhone 4 for just $99, but if you want to buy the phone without the contract, be prepared to pay several hundred dollars. The average price for a smartphone is around $500, the cheapest may cost $250 while the most expensive can go for well over $800.




As soon as you get your hands on a smartphone, you are struck by its fragility. You hold it gently without squeezing it too tight nor you try to do any strange move. The fear of dropping it and breaking that crystal clear screen overwhelms you first time you use it. Even when you touch the display you don’t seem to gather up the courage to pinch and press with a firm attitude. At least at the beginning, you are always afraid not to damage the phone. The thing is that most smartphones look more fragile than they really are. The sleek design, the glossy body and the clear screen makes it seem like a crystal glass. Generally speaking, a smartphone is much more fragile than a normal cell phone and is much more prone to getting damage from all sorts of causes. The more complicated a device is the more problems are likely to occur.




Unlike a standard cell phone, a smartphone is usually bigger, not that much in terms of depth but the width is significantly larger. Smartphones are wider, slimmer and usually have the same weight compared to a normal cell phone. The larger an object is, the more susceptible to damage it is, not to mention the bigger impact force when it hits the ground. The wide screen often gets scratched easily and plenty of people have repaired their displays so far.


Complicated UI


The transition from a normal cell phone to a smartphone is very hard to make for most people. There are plenty of smartphone users that haven’t yet used some of their most important features besides their ability to make phone calls and write text messages. The interface may prove to be way too complicated for individuals that are too much used with their old gadgets. The problem is that they spent well over $500 and if they are not using the item to its full capacity they wasted $450. They could of gotten a $50 low cost device instead, that only makes calls and writes text messages.


These are the most common issues associated with smartphones. There will be a time when most us will have no issue handling a gadget like but for now, a lot of people haven’t yet found a real place in their lives for their gadget. Most people use a gadget too much for doing unuseful things while others don’t use it enough. That’s the reason why so many people sell used cell phones these days. There is also a small segment of people that are using a smartphone as they were intended to be used. Most of these individuals are business people, which is not surprising.

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